ESN City Trips

In order to enrich your experience abroad and help you explore more places, ESN organizes several city trips throughout the year to destinations in both, within the Netherlands as well as outside of the country. Most of our trips last for either a day or last for 2-3 days. 
While organising these trips, we make sure to include everything that you may need during the trip such as meals and activities. In addition to that, this is what you can expect:
- A great active members team to make this trip awesome
great opportunity to visit new places
- to experience the local cultures and traditions
- a fun way to meet new people and start new friendships

Need to know about the destinations we usually go to? The following are some of the trips that we have done in the past!


This time we are going to the most famous Dutch city and capital of the Netherlands – Amsterdam!

Trip to Christmas Market

Image result for christmas market

One of the most special times of the year is when Christmas is around! Germany, along with some other nations, is famous for their unique Christmas markets that offer a warm, cosy and pleasant atmosphere. It does not matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, the market will surely bring you in the Christmas mood! To visit these fairs, we have been to Cologne, Dresden, who knows where we will go next?

Trip to Oktoberfest

Right at the beginning of the academic year, we visit the Oktoberfest, the world’s most famous beer festival situated in Munich (Germany). It is a 16-18 day folk festival that starts from mid or late September to the first weekend in October, with more than six million people from all across the world attending the event every year.

Very Much Dutch City Trip

This is one of the best opportunities to thoroughly explore Dutch culture, people, and traditions.Zaanse Schans is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands. It’s tiny village with historic Dutch houses and windmills attracts around 1.6 million visitors yearly. The second city, Volendam, is famous for it’s fishing culture and nice harbor at IJsselmeer.

Trip to Carnaval

Every year ESN organises a trip to the famous in this part of Europe carnivals. Doesn’t matter whether we are going to Eindhoven, Maastricht or Cologne the experience is always unique

ESN NL Berlin Trip


The best way to go crazy one more time before your exams is of course by going on a Spring Break Trip to Berlin! During the weekend we will show you all cultural aspects from this great city, and in the evening we will go all out with beach bars, a pub crawl and many other things we have planned for you!

A City Trip to Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most visited destinations in the whole of Europe and you will not be disappointed. A grand castle, magnificent cathedrals, striking bridges and dynamic nightclubs, this amazing city has everything you could ever want and more for a city trip. 


ESN-Rotterdam ready to explore Keukenhof! The Garden of Europe, one of the world's largest flower gardens!


The biggest city trip of the year 2016-2017. During the Spring time we went to visit the capital of France! Will you join us next time?

Trip to Maastricht

Also a trip often present in our year program. With its specific location between 3 countries (Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany) Maastricht is famous with its nice architecture and the special dialect that the locals are speaking

Trip to Antwerp

This annual trip takes you to the beautiful Belgian city of Antwerp which is filled with historical marvels, murals, big diamond industries, Belgian chocolate and of course, excellent beer! This trip includes authentic (and delicious!) Belgian food, a tour of the beer factory, and plenty of time to visit the entire city.