The ESN Buddies and volunteers are Dutch or international students from across the different faculties who are familiar with Rotterdam and like to share their knowledge and time with incoming exchange students who would like some help with their integration. It's a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and insights about different cultures, and a great way to meet new people in Rotterdam. Buddies commit to making sure new students are being helped with all issues they might encounter during their stay in Rotterdam. Requesting a buddy is a great way to have a first contact person who is eager to help in their new exciting experience of moving and studying abroad.

The general timeline for the Buddy Programme is as follows: Buddies are generally linked to a group of 3 to 7 students (depending on personal preference and amount of applications per faculty), mostly from their own faculty. The buddy then reaches out by email, giving some general advice and answering any questions the incoming international students might have before arriving. 
After the students arrive, buddies are free to choose how they fulfill their role as a buddy. Some buddies decide to do activities with their group as a whole, whereas others prefer meeting their students individually, for example for coffee or a walk. The most important thing for buddies is to be open for help and to be an open and approachable contact person for their group of students. 
All buddies receive a training and written information after becoming a buddy, so they will have the knowledge required to help students in all situations.
Apart from their individual group, buddies have the opportunity to help out in many ESN and University events, including ceremonies, celebrations and official events. This is a great way to meet many more internationals and have a lot of fun, but also get great contacts within the university. 
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