AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led organization that creates a positive impact on the world through personal development and shared global experiences. The database consists out of more than 5000 internships and volunteer projects, in more than 125 countries.


Professional internships 

Our Global Talent programs offer the opportunity to develop your leadership skills in a challenging, professional environment abroad. We offer 6-12 months internships in a wide variety of sectors and company sizes in order to let you grow and make you even more aware.


Volunteer projects

Our Global Volunteer product is an opportunity to break stereotypes, create cross-cultural understanding and to make a positive impact on a local community. Step out of your comfort zone, discover and develop yourself and create a better world through contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. The projects are 6-8 weeks and mostly accommodation and food are covered by the AIESEC entity abroad. 


Part-time and full-time board positions

AIESEC Rotterdam also offers you the possibility of becoming active as a full-time or part-time board member in our Local Committee, giving you the opportunity to expand your network and develop yourself professionally. If you’re interested in joining the board, please feel free to come by our office in NB-09 or at our weekly drinks on Thursday evenings in café Vrienden Van Live!