Do you like volunteering? Or have you heard of it before and always wanted to get involved? Great, you’re in the right place! SocialErasmus is an international project that promotes a social attitude among students through fun and original activities throughout the year. We highly recommend joining the volunteering events we create because it’s a great opportunity for International students to bond with other international students, Dutch students and also the Dutch society.  

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Walk with the Elderly

Our most successful event so far, we launched WWE this year to give back to the elderly community in Rotterdam. Once a month, a group of volunteers just chat with the elderly and take them out on a really chill walk around the lake. It’s a really chill event that’s so fun and requires minimum commitment. We are always looking for people to join!

Donate & Swap!

As part of our Social Inclusion days, we held the Donate & Swap event. People donated their clothes and swapped it with other things that were donated by paying whatever price they wanted. All the proceedings we made went to charity!

Humanity House

To celebrate Human Rights day, we took a trip to Humanity House in the Hague! Here, we got first-hand knowledge of victims experience of disasters and conflicts they lived through. It was a very eye-opening experience that taught and reinforced the need for Human rights in order to prevent tragedies like the Chad genocide.


As a committee, we trialled a social mobility app called MappED. If you have a disability we recommend you download this app from the app store, it tells all the places in the university that are disability-friendly in terms of accessibility access!

Games with the Elderly

Similar to WWE, we arranged a games day with the Elderly, spending a few hours to play some traditional games that the elderly were very fond of.


Sinterklaas is the Dutch way of celebrating Christmas every year on December 5th. Partnering with a local elderly home, we dressed up in costumes as Santa’s helpers, giving out gifts to the elderly!

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